Blink Outdoor Home Security Camera

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Blink Outdoor is a Wireless HD security camera powered by battery that enables you monitor the infraround vision of your home day and night.
Outdoor uses two AA lithium batteries with long battery life, for up to two years (included).
Store video clips and images with the blink subscription plan in the cloud and store events locally with a USB flash drive in the Blink Sync Module 2. (sold separately).
Outdoor is designed to resist the elements to safeguard your property, rain, or shine. Indoor.
Conceived to put you up in minutes. No cabling, no professional installation.


 Blink outdoor and indoor security camera

Blink outdoor and indoor security camera


Introduction to Blink Outdoor

The Blink outdoor security cameras are small devices that require almost no installation. To get started with the Blink cameras, you must download the app on your phone. The app has a small subscription fee that allows you to access all the features of the cameras. It also allows you to save the video on the app for free, but you can always go back and pay the subscription fee once you’ve decided to use the camera. Once the camera is installed, you can see live video, check the current weather, set geofencing, and get notifications when motion is detected in the camera. You can save any video in the Blink cloud where you can access it whenever you want. This allows you to easily find any video clip that has already been recorded in your Blink account.

Blink Outdoor: Smart Home Security Made Easy

A home security system can help you stay safe and secure. It is a good idea to invest in one if you live alone or have children who are at risk of wandering off by themselves. But the problem with many security systems is that they’re expensive, complicated, and hard to install. Blink Outdoor solves all these problems. This camera is easy to set up since it has a simple installation process that does not require any drilling holes or wiring. You can use the app on your phone to easily monitor your home from anywhere, anytime.

How Blink Outdoors Works

Once you install the camera, you can control it from your phone. It will come with a one-year free trial of the company’s intelligent home security service. The Blink home security system has its own HD surveillance cameras which are connected to the cloud. If someone enters your house, you can immediately see the video on your phone. The system uses a mix of WiFi and LTE technology to stream all the cameras’ feed to your phone. Blink’s smartphone app gives you several ways to view and manage your camera. You can create groups of cameras to view your whole home or a specific area, such as your backyard. You can also create a camera schedule for every day or every week, such as to receive a notification if your dog goes outside.

Features of Blink Outdoor

Pets or children are considered a security risk in many areas. While you can hire a security guard to come and ensure your family is safe, what if you are away and cannot monitor what is going on? You can use Blink Outdoor to help you watch your home. The front-facing camera allows you to see who is at your door or window. It can also record videos and take pictures of intruders. Since this camera is wireless, you can move it from your bedroom to your kitchen to your office without any trouble. You can watch the live feed from your smartphone. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can also remotely access the video from your phone. It is even possible to set up multiple cameras around the house if you need to. The device can also function as a security alarm.

Closing Thoughts

With the available technology in the market today, it is quite possible to reduce the hassle of keeping track of your children. So the next time your child is supposed to be home, don’t worry about leaving your phone in your car or your keys in the living room. Use Blink Camera so you can always be certain that your kids are safe.


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