Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision

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Color night vision: A brand-new Starlight Sensor captures video in rich, vibrant color at night. The Starlight Sensor sees full color in up to 25 times darker surroundings than standard video cameras, and the improved f/1.6 aperture captures 2x more light.
Wyze Cam v3 is a connected video camera with an IP65 rating, so you can install it outside in the rain or inside in the kids’ room with confidence. Android 5.0+, iOS 9.0+ phone compatibility
There is no need for a subscription: Your purchase includes free cloud storage, which means your video recordings are automatically saved in the cloud. Within the Wyze app, you always have access to the last 14 days of recordings.


Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision

Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision

One Of The Best Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera

The finest indoor/outdoor camera for you is Wyze Cam V3. It’s a two-way audio, wired 1080p HD video camera that works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The Wyze Cam v3 features a night vision color mode, motion sensor to turn on automatically, 30-second setup with no app needed, and free 24/7 live streaming to your phone or PC. Whether you’re looking for a simple plug-and-play security camera or great quality for a DIY home project, this is the perfect device.

What Is The Wyze Cam?

The Wyze Cam v3 is the latest addition to Wyze Labs’ home security line of products, and it’s both a great and affordable video camera. It’s also a great indoor/outdoor camera. The Wyze Cam v3 is a relatively small camera measuring 2.51 x 2.24 x 3.93 inches and it has a form-fitting glossy plastic finish on the back that is both weatherproof and shockproof.

It also has a USB micro-B connector on the bottom that allows you to power the camera directly. With an IP66 rating, the Wyze Cam is designed to be used outdoors and indoors and also requires low power for operation. This is a nice feature since not all wireless security cameras are low power and don’t require batteries.

Setup and Design

Installing the Wyze Cam is simple. You need an Ethernet cord and an AC power adapter. This device was tested on a Netgear router. You’ll need a microSD card with 16 GB or a larger capacity to record videos. The Wyze Cam v3 has 1080p HD resolution. Wyze uses the popular multi-lens approach. When you put the Wyze Cam v3 on a pole it has a 7-megapixel wide-angle camera with a fixed f/2.4 aperture.

It has laser autofocus, night vision, and a 120-degree field of view. Its temperature sensor takes temperature readings in real-time. You can read more about the camera here. You’ll notice that the Wyze Cam v3 comes with a quick start guide and troubleshooting guide.

The Night Vision

It’s worth noting that the “night vision” on this camera is a “4-8Hz infrared” color tone. This means it doesn’t exactly mimic natural night vision. The color makes the light look like a lightbulb. Night vision isn’t really something most people look for in a security camera. This is the first thing that I tell everyone, but it’s true. If you were to shoot this outside of the “night vision” color mode, you’d see it a little more clearly.

The night vision is generally better outside than inside. The thing is, it looks pretty much indistinguishable from a typical lightbulb. It’s a subtle improvement. Should You Buy the Wyze Cam? I’m a big fan of Wyze Cam. I originally reviewed the v2 for 9to5Toys, and I’m now reviewing the v3.

Features and Functions

Night Vision and Motion Sensor Alerts You can set up alerts to help you determine if there is an intruder. The cameras come with four triggers. If you don’t press a button after three days, the camera will record the last 30 seconds of the video to determine if there’s something wrong. Press the button three more days later and the camera will record 30 seconds of video before recording to watch it back. This triggers an alert on your phone.
There’s also a spot sensor that will activate the camera the moment it detects movement. It also works as a bad sensor, though, so if you cover up your camera and don’t move the blinds, it may not be able to detect motion. That is easy to fix. Simply set a hole through the blinds and put your power cord back through the hole to expose the hole again.

Why you should buy this camera?

Update: We now have new and more advanced cameras from the same brand! Read on! Hardware: Wyze Cam’s unibody camera frame is designed to blend in with your home décor. It has a sturdy plastic finish with a cylindrical design. This is important because it should not protrude from your wall, since the power cable attaches to the bottom.

The camera has a small power switch on top, a power USB port, a USB Type-A port on the side, a 2-way audio/video pinhole that accepts a smartphone charger, and 2 white LEDs that are off when it’s powering on. Video resolution options on the Wyze Cam are up to 1920×1080. It records in both 24p and 30p HD. If the lights in your room are off, then the camera automatically switches to nighttime mode. In daytime mode, the camera auto-sets itself to 1080p video.


If you don’t want to pay a high price for something from a premium brand, then a Wyze Cam with the interesting features of a free subscription is a great option. Wyze Cam is a well-designed, well-built, and quality product, and it’s now even better because of the monthly subscription plan.



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